The ‘Sister Story’ Story…

Get to know Melbourne fashion’s dynamic duo

Once upon a time, just outside of Melbourne…
The Melbourne fashion scene is a spectacular mixture of bold design, unique style and clothes built both to flatter and to last. Our collections here at Sister Story are no exception. Born and raised just a short drive from the heart of Melbourne, we are two sisters in law with fashion in our DNA.

Our mission? To support the sisterhood (and look damn good doing it)…

Dan & Nat Marino Sister Story

Meet the Sisters

Hi there,
We are Natalie and Danielle, your friendly neighbourhood fashion lovers. We love fashion so much, in fact, we’ve dedicated our lives to it through our business – Sister Story.

Growing up in Melbourne’s inner-west, we were born with an inbuilt style radar and a particular knack for staying on-trend and on-budget. We are boutique shoppers from way-back, and have the receipts (and wardrobe) to prove it.

As we started our own families, and life began to change, so did our wardrobes.
We discovered it was more difficult to find affordable, comfortable, flattering, wear-anywhere pieces that took us from soccer mum to soirée in a flash. So, being the go-getter types that we are, we decided to do something about it.


The Sister Story difference

We created Sister Story to be a truly exceptional experience, regardless of whether you are shopping online or in-person at our Werribee store.

• Our customers are our family

We treat all our customers like they’re a part of the family. We truly want the best for our sisterhood and love our community. We give honest feedback and take the time to understand each customer’s needs

• We stock clothing that is flattering to a variety of body types

We understand completely that no two bodies are the same. We don’t expect the customer to fit the clothes, but the clothes to fit the customer.

• Confidence is key

We want every single one of our customers to come away with garments that make them feel spectacular. From the colours we choose, to the fabrics, we want our sisters feeling mighty fine when they strut their stuff in our stuff.

• We ARE real women FOR real women

We model our own stock to show you that everyday ladies just like us can look every bit as stylish and effortless as any model, any day.

“Our own personal styles are what come through in our collections. We pride ourselves on providing pieces that will suit all customers, ensuring we can make each and every one of them feel confident and fabulous!”